Visa Patent
By Kevin Helms

Visa International has filed for a cryptocurrency system patent that is meant to replace physical currency. The system, which utilizes both central banks and commercial banks...

Bitcoin Halving
By Stephen O'Neal

Only 95 blocks were generated on the Bitcoin blockchain on Sunday due to the recent halving, an analyst argues...

COVID-19 Changing Way The World Sees Money
By Gregory Klumov

Technology has always been one of the main drivers that has boosted social changes. Of course, there have been other reasons: wars, natural cataclysms and disasters, plague pandemics and more...

An Introduction to Algorithmic Trading in Crypto

Up until the 1970s, stock market transactions were handled manually, with stockbrokers gathering on the floor of an exchange like the NYSE and flashing hand signals to each other to initiate trades...

Women in Blockchain
By Julia Magas

Recent reports show an unprecedented increase in the number of women involved in the crypto market, some exchanges see a 160% surge...

Reddit Crypto Reward

Ten31, a FinTech arm of Germany-based WEG Bank, has partnered with Singaporean technology incubator Anquan Capital, with an eye towards working with blockchain for banking and financial purposes...

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